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where meaning

[ (h)wɛə ]   Pronunciation:
"where" in a sentence
  • Adverb: where  wehr
    1. In or at or to what place
      "I know where he is"; "Where are you going"

    Sounds like: ware, wear

    Encyclopedia: Where

  • The book does not say where he was born.
  • Sorry, i do not know where she lives.
  • You must stay where you can not be seen.
  • Why, jon, where did you spring from?
  • The gate where he was leaning grew grey.
  • She is dying to know where you have been.
  • I do not know where the money goes!
  • where else might i find this book ?
  • We could n't think where she had gone to.
  • where could he have caught the disease?
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Other Languages
  • "where" meaning in Chinese: adv. 1.〔疑问〕在哪里,向哪里;哪里;在哪一点上。 W- is my hat 我的帽子在哪里? W- are...
  • "where" meaning in Japanese: where何方いずかた何処ら辺り何処ら辺どこらあたり何処いずくいずこどこどこいら奈辺なへん那辺なへん孰孰れ何れいずれ
  • "where" meaning in Korean: adverb, 어디에, 어느 위치에(방향으로), 어느 점에서, ...하는 바의(장소), 그러자 거기에서,...
  • "where" meaning in Russian: 1) _ам. _разг. место (происшествия) Ex: the where and when...
  • "where" meaning in Arabic: adv. أين, الى أين, أينما, حيثما, حيث
  • "where" meaning in French: n. où, endroit, lieu où l'on se trouve adv. où; d'où; c...
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