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wave mechanics meaning

Synonyms of "wave mechanics""wave mechanics" in a sentence
  • Noun: wave mechanics
    1. The modern form of quantum theory; an extension of quantum mechanics based on Schrödinger's equation; atomic events are explained as interactions between particle waves

    Type of: quantum mechanics

    Encyclopedia: Wave mechanics

  • [Medicine]
  • Almost overnight, the field of wave mechanics was born.
  • A detailed treatment of this topic can be found in numerous books dealing with the wave mechanics of solids.
  • Later in the same year, Schr�dinger created his wave mechanics.
  • Those who used the techniques of calculus included wave mechanics ".
  • I * know * it has something to do with wave mechanics.
  • This theory set the basis of wave mechanics.
  • A new edition was published as " Elementary Wave Mechanics " in 1945.
  • On its appearance in 1924 it apparently had little direct connection to the wave mechanics.
  • Your intuition from classical wave mechanics won't lead you too far astray here.
  • When Bethe arrived, Sommerfeld had just received Erwin Schr�dinger's papers on wave mechanics.
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