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wave function meaning

"wave function" in a sentence
  • noun (physics)
      A mathematical equation representing the space and time variations in amplitude for a wave system

  • [Electronics]
    A point function in a wave equation, specifying wave amplitude.
  • The molecular electronic wave function is perturbed.
  • These wave functions correspond to states of constant energy e.
  • We now show how to calculate molecular dipole moments from wave function.
  • The angular part of a continuum wave function is, of course, a spherical harmonic.
  • Let us examine them from the stand point of proper behavior of the wave function.
  • If so we shall have a wave function that satisfies our new postulate.
  • Particles, such as pi-mesons, requiring symmetric wave functions are called bosons.
  • If desired, the perturbed wave function may be normalized at the end of the calculation.
  • Particles, such as electrons, requiring antisymmetric wave functions are called fermions.
  • Rather, the wave function is time-independent mixture of covalent and ionic functions.
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