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wagon roof meaning

"wagon roof" in a sentence

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  • or wagon vault noun
      A barrel vault

  • [Architecture]

    See barrel roof, 1.

    wagon-headed: vault


  • The font is Norman and the original wagon roofs remain.
  • Unusually for Cornwall there is a clerestory; the wagon roofs are old.
  • The ceiled wagon roof is tiled in Cotswold stone.
  • Cast iron pillars support the brickwork and wagon roof.
  • Internally, the nave has a hammer beam roof and the chancel a wagon roof.
  • Wagon roofs often survive in these churches.
  • The church was heavily modified in the 19th century, but the carved wagon roof remains.
  • The truss had slots for the panels of a boarded ceiling ( a wagon roof ).
  • The nave has a wagon roof.
  • There are wagon roofs, galleries in both the north and south aisles, and a circular Norman font.
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