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volume compression meaning

"volume compression" in a sentence
  • [Electronics]
    The automatic reduction of the gain of an audio amplifier. The process differs from clipping (which “slices off' the tops of waves) in that compression (ideally) reduces the amplitude while preserving the waveform. Compare VOLUME EXPANSION.
  • Automatic volume compression
  • I read only Edel's single-volume compression of the massive work, published some years after.
  • The size of the deformation depends on the material s resistance to the volume compression made by the tool.
  • This led to a number of attempts to reduce tape hiss through the use of various forms of volume compression and expansion, the most notable and commercially successful being several systems developed by Dolby Laboratories.
  • The incompressibility of a material is quantified by the bulk modulus B, which measures the resistance of a solid to volume compression under hydrostatic stress as B =  " Vdp / dV . Here V is the volume, p is pressure, and dp / dV is the partial derivative of pressure with respect to the volume.
  • This was necessary due to the limitations of dynamic range on optical motion picture film of the period, however the volume compression and expansion were not fully automatic, but were designed to allow manual studio " enhancement "; i . e ., the artistic adjustment of overall volume and the relative volume of each track in relation to the others.
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