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vector graphics meaning

"vector graphics" in a sentence
  • [Computer]
    <graphics> (Sometimes called "object-oriented" graphics, though it's nothing to do with object-oriented programming). The representation of separate shapes such as lines, polygons and text, and groups of such objects, as opposed to bitmaps. The advantage of vector graphics ("drawing") programs over bitmap ("paint") editors is that multiple overlapping elements can be manipulated independently without using differenet layers for each one. It is also easier to render an object at different sizes and to transform it in other ways without worrying about image resolution and pixels.
  • This is because the cairo 2d vector graphics library
  • Interactive, dynamic scalable vector graphics
  • Introduction to scalable vector graphics
  • Bring scalable vector graphics to life with built-in animation elements
  • Discusses vector graphics
  • vector graphics overview
  • Scalable vector graphics ( svg ) has expansive application foreground on mobile network
  • 2-d vector graphics
  • Svg allows for three types of graphic objects : vector graphic shapes, images and text
  • vector graphics plays an important role in computer animation and imaging technologies
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