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vector decomposition meaning

Synonyms of "vector decomposition""vector decomposition" in a sentence
  • These are usually described as lift and drag components, using vector decomposition.
  • Newton then in effect used vector decomposition of forces, to carry out this analysis.
  • The independence can be easily seen from following : the estimator \ hat \ beta represents coefficients of vector decomposition of \ hat { y } = X \ hat \ beta = Py = X \ beta + P \ varepsilon by the basis of columns of " X ", as such \ hat \ beta is a function of " P� ".
  • After showing solar attractions LQ on the Moon and SQ on the Earth, on the same scale, Newton then makes a vector decomposition of LQ into components LM and MQ . Then he identifies the perturbing acceleration on the Moon as the difference of this from SQ . SQ and MQ are parallel to each other, so SQ can be directly subtracted from MQ, leaving MS . The resulting difference, after subtracting SQ from LQ, is therefore the vector sum of LM and MS : these add up to a perturbing acceleration LS.
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