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vectograph meaning

"vectograph" in a sentence
  • noun
      A picture giving a three-dimensional effect when looked at through special spectacles

  • [Electronics]
    A graphic three-dimensional representation of a scene composed of superimposed images photographed through polarizing filters of different orientation, and reconstructed by a similar viewing technique.
  • vectograph method of stereoscopic viewing
  • Instructional use was made of projected vectograph slides illustrating three-dimensional coordinate systems.
  • Credit for the concept of the vectograph is due to Joseph Mahler, cousin of famed composer and conductor Gustav Mahler.
  • Color vectograph printing service for digital image files was offered to the public, but it was expensive and little-used.
  • An elementary vectograph is a polarizing filter sheet that encodes a photographic image as areas which polarize light more or less strongly, corresponding to the darker and lighter areas of the image.
  • During World War II, he worked on military tasks, which included developing dark-adaptation goggles, target finders, the first passively guided smart bombs, and a special stereoscopic viewing system called the Vectograph which revealed camouflaged enemy positions in aerial photography.
  • Vectographs in their native form are transparencies, to be viewed by transmitted light or projected onto a suitable non-depolarizing screen, but by limiting the density of the images and backing the vectograph with a non-depolarizing aluminum-based paint, a print for viewing by reflected light can be produced.
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