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unwatered meaning

"unwatered" in a sentence

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  • adjective
    1. Freed from water
    2. Not watered
    unwaˈtery adjective


  • The Corps estimated the New Orleans area was more than 80 percent unwatered.
  • As unwatered grass has lost its moisture, many wildflowers have failed to bloom.
  • They were on their own for four months, unfertilized, unwatered, and unweeded!
  • Let it rest again, unwatered.
  • :Also note that it would be entirely possible to have overlapping circles so no land goes unwatered.
  • The clash in a forgotten valley of the unwatered West is but one awakening of sovereignty by hundreds of American Indian tribes.
  • F . The pit was kept unwatered, and the concrete was placed from chutes and pipes leading from mixer to pier.
  • In most of the United States, an unwatered lawn turns brown in midsummer, but generally that is only a symptom of dormancy.
  • On the 1868 county survey the building is standing, but shown as " site of former water mill " and the mill pond is unwatered.
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