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unstop meaning

"unstop" in a sentence
  • Verb: unstop (unstopped,unstopping)  ún'stóp
    1. To take the stopple or stopper from; as, to unstop a bottle or a cask 
    2. To free from any obstruction; to open

    Derived forms: unstopping, unstopped, unstops

  • Unstop-A-Bulls : The Chicago Bulls'1996 Championship Season.
  • Dion's single has been unstop-pable.
  • Prewitt frequently missed classes to unstop a toilet or revive the boat engine.
  • A couple of months ago a man had to be called to unstop the plumbing.
  • The violence of this spectacle is such that Duke Signoretto Ucria hopes it will both unstop his daughter's ears and " unstick her lips ."
  • Let's unstop the mouths of preachers and give them back the time-honored practice of applying God's truths to the events of the day.
  • He visited the oracle who merely told him that he was instructed  not to unstop the wineskin s neck .  Medea relays her current situation to him and begs for Aegeus to let her stay in Athens if she gives him drugs to end his infertility.
  • In January 1968, Fry issued a stirring appeal to fellow church members to " unstop your ears " to the need for a " massive improvement in the lot of Negro ghettos, " warning of the prospects for " spiraling and spreading violence " if racial justice were not achieved swiftly.
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