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unlovable meaning

"unlovable" in a sentence

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  • Adjective: unlovable  ún'lúvubul
    1. Incapable of inspiring love or affection
      "she was in some mysterious way...unlovable"

    See also: hateful


  • In the end she blamed herself for being unlovable.
  • One must learn to love what is unlovable and in so doing, forgiveness can occur absolute
  • Forever be please positive upwardly . each men all have his lovable place, but unlovable place then not positively facing life
  • Poor Dimmesdale is a dour, totally unlovable Puritan prig.
  • Will stop loving me .'They will be unlovable.
  • How do we respond to someone who is genuinely ugly and unlovable?
  • But since when did we not love the unlovable in this country?
  • The belief that we are unlovable seems to be prevalent.
  • I know that does not mean I am unlovable.
  • Bodie and Doyle were hard, gritty and unlovable.
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