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unitar meaning

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  • [Defence]
    United Nations Institute for Training and Research


  • Unitar signs technology transfer deal with NIIT, NEW STRAITS TIMES-
  • Back to Unitar, Malaysia's first virtual university.
  • Unitar aims to produce self-disciplined learners, NEW STRAITS TIMES-
  • He said that UNITAR will be based in Cyberjaya.
  • The Citizen Cyberscience Centre is currently hosted at the UNITAR offices at CERN.
  • Unitar plans to set up 12 study centres covering major urban areas in Malaysia.
  • UNITAR hopes to find a central location for the study centres to make it accessible.
  • UNITAR ( Universiti Tun Abdul Razak ) will be Malaysia's first virtual university.
  • This is a joint initiative between UNITAR.
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