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  • [Computer]
    <company> The company formed in 1984-5 when Burroughs Corporation merged with Sperry Corporation. This was when the phrase "dinosaurs mating" was coined.

    Unisys is one of the largest providers of information services, technology, and software in the world. They employ about 49,000 people and do business in some 100 countries. In 1994 about 80 percent of revenue was derived from commercial information systems and services, with the remainder coming from electronic systems and services for the defense market. The defense business was sold to Loral in early 1995. Slightly more than half of Unisys's revenue is from business in the United States.

    They specialise in providing business-critical solutions, based on open information networks, for organisations that operate in transaction-intensive environments. These organisations include financial services companies, airlines, telecommunications companies, government agencies, and other commercial enterprises.

    In August 1994, quarterly sales were $1799M and profits $50M.


  • Unisys corporation remarketed the Power 6 as the U7000 series.
  • Later, Longobardo became the woman executive of Unisys Corporation's defense unit.
  • A case in point is the United States-based information managementcompany, Unisys Corporation.
  • Initially created in Sperry Univac's computer factory in Roseville, Minnesota, MAPPER is a proprietary product of Unisys Corporation.
  • After retiring from the Minnesota State Patrol as a major in 1987, Foley worked as security manager for Unisys Corporation from 1987 to 1990.
  • In 1993 94, and again in 1999, Unisys Corporation received widespread condemnation when it attempted to enforce licensing fees for LZW in GIF images.
  • After merging the company with Sperry Corporation, it became Unisys Corporation in 1986, with Blumenthal its chairman and chief executive officer ( CEO ).
  • With the move of the developer to Unisys in 1998, the rights to WXP were transferred to the Unisys corporation, which currently maintains it.
  • In 1987, Goodes was Director for Unisys Corporation as well as a member of its Corporate Governance and Compensation Committee until he retired in February 2004.
  • The research center continued after Burroughs and Sperry Corporation merged to become Unisys and performed both research for the Unisys corporation as well as for government sponsors.
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