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unclothed meaning

"unclothed" in a sentence
  • But he got away unclothed, without the linen cloth
  • [bbe ] but he got away unclothed, without the linen cloth
  • But many of us are frightened by the human body unclothed.
  • They may be costumed, partially costumed, or almost unclothed.
  • During much of that time, her body was unclothed and uncovered.
  • Their hands were cuffed behind their backs and about half were unclothed.
  • For generations a small number of participants have run the course unclothed,
  • Usually unclothed, so its owner could take it into the bath.
  • They were brown and reddish-skinned and completely unclothed.
  • It also contains an unclothed but non-nude centerfold.
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