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udb meaning

"udb" in a sentence
  • [Computer]
    <tool, parallel> (udb) KSR's interactive source level debugger for serial and parallel programs written in KSR, Fortran, KSR C and KSR1 assembly language.

    Udb is a source level debugger for testing and debugging serial and parallel programs; it is compatible with GDB and dbx. The user can direct udb either by typing commands or graphically through an X-based window interface; the latter provides simultaneous display of source code, I/O and instructions. For parallel programs, operations can be carried out per-thread.
  • "available in db2 udb . writing and enabling
  • Highest level of administrative authority in db2 udb
  • Right-click a db2 udb service to see its properties
  • How privileges authorities are maintained in db2 udb
  • Compares db2 udb and oracle online backup
  • Compares offline restore for db2 udb and oracle
  • Db2 udb provides offline and online backup as well
  • To the directory where db2 udb is accessed
  • Which is not exposed in db2 udb v8
  • Installing db2 udb with the default user ids for example,
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