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udal meaning

"udal" in a sentence
  • /ūˈdl/ (Orkney and Shetland)
      Without feudal superior, allodial
      An estate so held
      ORIGIN: ON ōthal
  • Udal law is a modern remnant of the ancient Norwegian laws.
  • England definitely will play spinners Phil Tufnell and Shaun Udal.
  • Prithviraj defeated Udal's contingent, and then left for Delhi.
  • Alha and Udal chowk is now situated in Mahoba city.
  • A grand statue of Udal has also been established there.
  • Udal returned to captain the side for the next match against Essex.
  • This was reflected in the bowling of Shaun Udal and Murali Kartik.
  • Hampshire's Shaun Udal was the leading wicket taker.
  • England will play spinners Phil Tufnell and Shaun Udal.
  • Udal said he was no certainty to play Thursday.
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