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ucu meaning

"ucu" in a sentence
  • abbrev
      University and College Union
  • The UCU's application to affiliate to FIDE was rebuffed.
  • Ucu went to Berlin with Dinata to attend the showing.
  • The new union is called the University and College Union ( UCU ).
  • CueFM is run as one of the Clubs and Societies associated with UCU.
  • The UCU also organise the individual Ulster Chess Championship for Ulster born players.
  • The UCU-NF did not make any gains.
  • Ucu considers social justice and human rights other key themes of her works.
  • Each course is worth 4 UCU credits ( or 7 . 5 ECTS ).
  • He joined UCU as a chaplain in 2001.
  • Dinata directed, while Ucu served as screenwriter.
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