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trade lanes meaning

"trade lanes" in a sentence
  • [Finance]
    The direction of trade, e.g. US to Europe.
  • Transit times may differ based on specific trade lanes
  • Can manage transportation and freight services in every major trading lane
  • It is principally engaged in the operation and management of international as well as domestic trade lanes
  • In the following inco terms map, how far could you reach in the trade lane decides your grim of profit
  • The GPS said we were in the trade lane.
  • "A whole new trade lane will develop to support Sakhalin, " he said.
  • The Big Bazar, one of the oldest and biggest trading lanes in Malabar is located here.
  • At Dundee the station was to be at Trades Lane, close to the expanded dock complex then under construction.
  • In 1885, SDV was formally established in France as a freight forwarder specializing in trade lanes from France to Africa.
  • The company blamed the earnings decline, in part, on lower capacity utilization on its Europe-Far East trade lane.
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