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trade in meaning

Synonyms of "trade in""trade in" in a sentence
  • trade sth intrade in sth to give a car, piece of equipment etc that you own as part of the payment for a new one you are buying:
    + for
    We traded our big old van in for a smaller, more modern one.

  • [American slang]
    v. To give something to a seller as part payment for another thing of greater value. The Browns traded their old car in on a new one.
    Synonym: TURN IN3.
  • He traded in his car for a new model.
  • There is a flourishing trade in ersatz ginseng.
  • Their trade in burma was managed from pulicat.
  • Both sides still stand to gain from trade in the aggregate.
  • The new shop has been doing a brisk trade in cut-price clothes.
  • He trades in grains.
  • Most early prosperity resulted from trapping and trading in furs.
  • The jewelry firm is just a front for their illegal trade in diamonds.
  • He likes the stocks and he is accustomed to trading in and out of its shares.
  • He was a lovable man, a dealer in farm implements, with a lively trade in bicycles.
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