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trade house meaning

"trade house" in a sentence
  • [Finance]
    A firm that deals in actual commodities.
  • Paris security trade house
  • The trading house is in the center of shanghai, which is 2km away from the people s square and xujiahui
  • We have enlarged the scale of shanghai fashion plastic gifts co, ltd . in 2006, and set up a professional trading house
  • Two state firms to be turned into trading house, JAKARTA POST
  • Kymi papermill was the most important investment of the trading house.
  • Trading house Sumitomo Corp . slid 14 yen to 925.
  • Malaysian Lebanese Trading House Ltd executive chairman Datuk Mohamad T.
  • The Choctaw Trading House was established in 1803 at St . Stephens.
  • Prosecutors raided the trading house Yamada Corp on November 30, 2007.
  • He established a trading house in Chita as a cover for spies.
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