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ticket day meaning

"ticket day" in a sentence
  • noun
      The day before settling-day on the Stock Exchange, when notes of transactions completed are received
  • Maybe Ticket Day has brought a turn in the curve.
  • Credit card sales will surge as people scarf up movie tickets days in advance.
  • If you go to Alcatraz, buy your tickets days in advance and plan on coming early in the day, since the island gets crowded very quickly.
  • Kuepper has won two ARIA Music Awards for Best Independent Album " Black Ticket Day " ( 1992 ) and " Serene Machine " ( 1993 ).
  • ""'Black Ticket Day " "'is the sixth solo album by Australian guitarist and songwriter Ed Kuepper recorded in 1992 and released on the Hot label.
  • Lobbyists for the American Medical Association waited quietly off to one side, having a winning-ticket day as the Republican leadership's special Medicare concessions to the doctors stayed firmly in the bill.
  • Kansas City police had Michael L . Farris in jail last month for a parking ticket days after he cut his electronic monitor and jumped bond _ and weeks before he allegedly strangled a Kansas City woman.
  • Neysan Rassekh, a business consultant who used to own his own travel agency, said that he was due a partial refund because he purchased his ticket days ago, and paid a higher price for the Acela.
  • Kuepper won Best Independent Australian Release in 1994 for " Serene Machine " ( March 1993 ) . " Black Ticket Day " and " Serence Machine " had each reached No . 45.
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