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ticket book meaning

Synonyms of "ticket book""ticket book" in a sentence
  • Whether the train ticket book service is needed ? tickets needed
  • After only a minute, the visibly shaken officer returned to his squad car with his ticket book still unopened
  • Cyber-cops with ticket books will lurk behind computer bulletin boards.
  • The officer distributed fliers encouraging his colleagues to stash their ticket books.
  • Maguire then enquired about obtaining a braille version of the ticket book.
  • Chief Ribera wants to take away our ticket book,
  • Police have the sirens and the ticket books.
  • Monthly passes and ticket books are also offered.
  • Six million copies of Olympic ticket books have been distributed across Australia . ( djp)
  • Organizers said the ticket books will be available through tour organizers, travel agencies or from Caput Mundi itself.
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