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ticket barrier meaning

"ticket barrier" in a sentence
  • n. [c]

    the gate at a train station (Br. railway station) through which you cannot pass without a ticket: The ticket barrier opened when I put my ticket into the slot.to show your ticket at the ticket barrier
  • The trouble started at the ticket barrier.
  • He went through the ticket barrier and found the station buffet.
  • Bloggs, you'll be waiting at the ticket barrier at crewe, just in case faber decides to hop off there.
  • Three ticket barriers and a gate control access to all platforms.
  • Automated ticket barriers have been in operation since 28 February 2006.
  • Since October 2005, automatic ticket barriers have been installed.
  • In January 2010, automatic ticket barriers were installed by Northern Rail.
  • New ticket barriers will allow passengers into one of three lounge areas.
  • Smaller railway and metro stations are often not equipped with ticket barriers.
  • Users must touch in and out even if the ticket barriers are open.
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