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  • It was formerly placed in the Teratosauridae, within the Theropoda.
  • This bird was a link between Theropoda dinosaurs and birds.
  • Modern phylogenetics place birds in the dinosaur clade Theropoda.
  • The first bird archeopteryx had many similarities with birds as well as Theropoda dinosaurs.
  • Among dinosaurs, the dagger-shaped transversely flattened teeth are only found with Theropoda.
  • The endocast features clarified the dissimilarity of the skull with those of basal position in Theropoda.
  • Molnar and Pledge gave no more precise determination than a Theropoda " incertae sedis ".
  • He placed the Stegosauria and Ornithopoda in the Ornithischia, and the Theropoda and Sauropoda in the Saurischia.
  • Setting aside the basal Saurischia, the rest of the Saurischia are split into the Sauropodomorpha and Theropoda.
  • Ruben has questioned for many years the theory that birds descend from small carnivorous dinosaurs ( Theropoda ).
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