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theatrical role meaning

"theatrical role" in a sentence
  • He also worked himself in many theatrical role a few times.
  • This was his last theatrical role until 1886.
  • She has continued to appear in theatrical roles.
  • He began his career by playing theatrical roles during the 1960s and soon moved on to films.
  • It's the most theatrical role in a production that's otherwise short of real theatrics.
  • Lyons has had a long and successful career in Television, and has also had numerous theatrical roles.
  • The widespread media coverage was due to the casting of Bonas in her first West End theatrical role.
  • His role in " Balkanski apijun " was one of the last major theatrical roles for Stojkovi.
  • Ms . Tobin's first major theatrical role was in the 1920 show " Little Old New York ."
  • He appeared in many theatrical roles in the UK and overseas, and featured in over 70 films of the silent era.
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