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terminable meaning

[ 'tə:minəbl ]   Pronunciation:
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  • Adjective: terminable  turmunubul
    1. Capable of being terminated after a designated time
      "terminable employees"; "a terminable annuity"

    See also: impermanent, temporary


  • The contract was terminable by either party.
  • But the contract is terminable on the sale of the hotel.
  • From a creditor's point of view there is no security in terminable case.
  • The implementation of this terminable certificate of registry is intended for recreational vessels as well as small ships.
  • On the terminable certificate of registration, Abdul Rahim said it is valid for five years and is renewable.
  • Significantly, the labour supply agreements were terminable by the owner entities without notice in circumstances of industrial action.
  • Dars'essay, titled " Terminable and interminable translation " in English, discusses the process of attempting to make a translation definitive.
  • These leases are not terminable by the tenant, nor are rent bond : hence the " hell-or-high water " moniker.
  • MWMT pays Mercury Asset Management Plc an annual fee of 1 percent of gross assets, with the management contract terminable with six months'notice.
  • Jivatva, the phenomenal individuality, although beginning-less, is terminable ( santa ) in the case of one getting release and gaining Brahmatva.
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