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tea chest meaning

Synonyms of "tea chest""tea chest" in a sentence
  • Noun: tea chest  teechest
    1. Chest for storing or transporting tea

    Derived forms: tea chests

    Type of: chest

    Encyclopedia: Tea chest

  • Pack you in a tea chest ? very funny
  • These include a touch of ukelele and a " tea chest " bass.
  • In English tea chest as a resonator.
  • Back at Thalassa, six tea chests arrive from Africa containing all George s worldly goods.
  • Sunlight dances on a piece of gold paper, which is used to line Chinese tea chests.
  • A handsomely carved tea chest, sold as made from the famous mulberry tree, is under suspicion.
  • They are single-style designs with no italics; Tea Chest has no lower-case characters.
  • These characteristics match the description of a tea chest held by the DAR at its Washington headquarters, Clifford said.
  • Frost remembers it, describing it as " a tea chest with a long broom handle fitted with strings ".
  • The tea leaves are packaged loosely in a canister, paper bag, or other container such as a tea chest.
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