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tea ceremony meaning

Synonyms of "tea ceremony""tea ceremony" in a sentence
  • Noun: tea ceremony
    1. An ancient ritual for preparing and serving and drinking tea
      - chanoyu

    Derived forms: tea ceremonies

    Type of: ceremony

    Encyclopedia: Tea ceremony

  • The effect of japanese shinto on japanese tea ceremony
  • Confucianism, buddhism, taoism and chinese spirit of tea ceremony
  • Studying japanese tea ceremony requires great discipline
  • That's the teapot for a chinese tea ceremony
  • tea ceremony in advance of the tea gathering
  • tea ceremony " on the envelope
  • Tea gathering-wuwo tea ceremony
  • The japanese have a special way of serving tea call a tea ceremony
  • tea ceremony ceremony including the preparation of tea ware and tea etiquette
  • Clearly, the stories of a ghost cat coming to the tea ceremony room were true
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