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tea caddy meaning

Synonyms of "tea caddy""tea caddy" in a sentence
  • He also became an assiduous collector of art and of tea caddies.
  • Earlier tea caddies were made of either porcelain or faience.
  • They are used to scoop tea from the tea caddy into the tea bowl.
  • Special lidded boxes containing tea bowl, tea caddy, tea scoop and other equipment.
  • The tea caddy illustrated shows many of the characteristics of blue and white porcelain produced during the Kangxi period.
  • Until about 1800 they were called tea canisters rather than caddies . A Nineteenth century tea caddy with its own stand
  • The 1967 design by Trude Petri is based on the tea caddy she created in 1930 for the URBINO service.
  • We collect tea caddies and corsets, baseball cards and Limoges, and yes, mammy cookie jars and slave documents.
  • They used thin gauge tea caddies, jugs, salvers, salt cellars, wine labels, trays and ink wells.
  • "But to touch George Washington's tea caddy or hold John Brown's rifle brings it all home ."
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