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tea bread meaning

Synonyms of "tea bread""tea bread" in a sentence
  • Noun: tea bread  tee bred
    1. Sweetened buns to be eaten with tea

    Derived forms: tea breads

    Type of: bun, roll

  • Generally served sliced with butter during afternoon tea, it is often known as Welsh tea bread.
  • From " Tea Breads and Coffeecakes " ( Harper Collins, $ 10 . 95 ) by Elizabeth Alston.
  • WHAT I GOT FOR BREAKFAST : Orange juice, coffee, melon and berry salad, tea bread, Eggs Goldenrod with mushrooms.
  • Cranberry-Almond Tea Bread is in the Quickcakes and Quickbreads chapter, but I was dismayed by the sinkful of dishes it took to make it.
  • We were served a colorful bowl of fresh fruit _ melon balls, grapes, strawberries _ spinach quiche, tea breads, bacon, orange juice and coffee.
  • We signed on for the morning feast, which arrived on a wicker serving cart and included quiche, fresh fruit, bacon, tea breads, coffee and orange juice.
  • They are tea bread ( similar to the baguette ), sugar bread ( which is a sweet bread ), brown ( whole wheat ) bread, and butter bread.
  • "Baking by Flavor, " featuring new approaches to cakes, cookies, muffins, tea breads, scones, sweet rolls and more, may well revolutionize the way you bake.
  • The bakers come in daily at 3 a . m . to make the doughs and bake the breads, croissants, cracker bread, muffins and tea breads the hotel needs for breakfasts, sandwiches and bread baskets.
  • Over Medjool dates dipped in chocolate, an assortment of dainty cookies and hearty tea breads, three fellow guests and I shared stories of Redding, the Northern California city where they lived and where I had once resided.
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