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taxed meaning

"taxed" in a sentence
  • adjective
  • Our patience has been taxed to the limit.
  • My income is taxed at source.
  • His constant requests for help taxed our goodwill.
  • The greater the tax rate, the more those who are being taxed try to avoid it.
  • Is agriculture actually taxed by sectoral policies, or is it subsidized?
  • Gains on "capital" assets are taxed at lower rates than ordinary income.
  • It taxed all of ivo's ingenuity to handle two families and keep them apart.
  • The art of gyro design has taxed the ingenuity of many skilled scientists and engineers.
  • The ingenuity of scientists and engineers will be taxed to the limit to meet his need.
  • I felt that i was choking again—i taxed myself with it, "esther, now, you know what you are!"
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