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tamboura meaning

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  • noun
      An Eastern stringed instrument, used to produce a drone (also tambura)


  • Adama Tamboura would score Mali's second penalty handing them the advantage.
  • He was briefly a member of the krautrock band tamboura on the albums Hosianna Mantra and Seligpreisung.
  • At the Mercury, Cornershop had an uncommon lineup : two drummers, a sitar and synthesizer player, a tamboura player and Singh.
  • Lorber s ethereal orchestration is complimented by Collin Walcott s tamboura and a piano, which adds the highlights usually reserved for Arnold s electric guitar.
  • Accompanied by Karaikkuddi Subramaniam on vina, Lalitha Sankaran on tamboura and Andrew Timar on kanjira, Trichy offers raga cycles that are hypnotically built up and resolved.
  • For the album's title track, " tamboura on several tracks, including " Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds " and " Getting Better ".
  • Complementing the usual rock instrumental lineup are the sarod ( a stringed instruments that makes a droning sound ), the tamboura ( tambourine ) and tabla ( drums ).
  • Founded in about 1240 by a Diawando slave named Beydari Tamboura, Nioro attained its greatest height in the eighteenth century when it served as the capital of the Sudan.
  • String sections, Horn sections, Brass, Woodwinds, Sitars, Tamboura, Harpsichord and Stylophones all feature prominently and are married to intricate pop and rock songwriting arrangements.
  • Melancholy cellos and violins are everywhere _ haunting piano parts, darkening anguished melodies, swirling with tamboura and harmonium, double bass and dobro in a wistful, propulsive hush.
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