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  • Noun: Tamazight
    1. A Berber language spoken in north Africa and elsewhere

    Encyclopedia: Tamazight


  • Berbers have long sought official recognition for their language, Tamazight.
  • Tamazight nouns are inflected for gender, number, and state.
  • Many Arabic loans have been integrated into the Tamazight verb lexicon.
  • Their Amazigh dialect is related to the Tamazight of the Atlas mountains.
  • Moreover, Tamazight has a greater amount of internal diversity than Shilha.
  • Central Atlas Tamazight verbs are heavily inflected, being marked for metathesis.
  • Central Morocco Tamazight is the second Berber language in Morocco.
  • "TV Tamazight 4 " is an Algerian public national television channel.
  • Instrument used is Loutar . and the language is Central Atlas Tamazight.
  • "Tamazight in school, " read one banner among mourners.
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