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tamarix meaning

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  • Study on organs morphology and its taxonomic significance of tamarix l
  • Spatial-temporal variation and its driving factors of tamarix forestry at edge of minqin oasis
  • Cloning and function characterization of glutathione s-transferase gene from tamarix androssowii
  • Determination of chemical constituents from chloroform layer of the flower of tamarix chinensis lour by gc-ms
  • Root system characteristics of tamarix ramosissima ldb . on terrace embankments in two types of stand conditions
  • The results showed that the drought resistant capability decreased in order of tamarix ramosissima ldb ., platycladus orientalis and sympegma regelii
  • To some, Tamarix parviflora, or tamarisk, is a beautiful Asian plant.
  • Some of its dunes are covered by tamarix.
  • Invasive species of plants considered threats include saltcedar ( " Tamarix chinensis " ).
  • Other threats and potential threats include trampling by saltcedar ( " Tamarix ramosissima " ).
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