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tamarindus indica meaning

"tamarindus indica" in a sentence

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  • Noun: Tamarindus indica
    1. Long-lived tropical evergreen tree with a spreading crown and feathery evergreen foliage and fragrant flowers yielding hard yellowish wood and long pods with edible chocolate-coloured acidic pulp
      - tamarind, tamarind tree, tamarindo

    Type of: bean tree

    Part of: genus Tamarindus, Tamarindus

    Encyclopedia: Tamarindus indica

  • [Medicine]
    A plant genus of the family FABACEAE known for its sour fruit.


  • The caterpillars generally feed on Fabaceae, such as tamarind " Tamarindus indica ".
  • Along the west coast of South India, " G . gummi-gutta " is popularly termed " Malabar tamarind ", and shares culinary uses with the tamarind ( " Tamarindus indica " ).
  • The principal trees of the riverine forest include Acacia elatior, Ficus sycamorus, Garcinia livingstonei, Mimusops fruticosa and Tamarindus indica, while the surrounding scrub consists of more stunted Acacia nilotica with a dense undergrowth of herbs and tall grasses.
  • Vm8 10  the formula of " Tamarindus indica "; bract and petaloid bracteoles; monosymmetric calyx of three and two petaloid sepals; monosymmetric corolla of three and two reduced petals; two whorls of stamens, the outer monosymmetric from three fused and two reduced stamens, the inner of 4 reduced and 1 lost stamen; monosymmetric gynoecium of 1 carpel with superior ovary; marginal placentation with 8 10 ovules per gynoecium.

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