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sulfate meaning

[ 'sʌlfeit ]   Pronunciation:
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  • Noun: sulfate  súlfeyt
    Usage: N. Amer (=sulphate)
    1. A salt or ester of sulphuric acid
      - sulphate [Brit, Cdn]
    Verb: sulfate  súlfeyt
    Usage: N. Amer (=sulphate)
    1. Convert into a sulfate
      - sulphate [Brit, Cdn]

    Derived forms: sulfated, sulfates, sulfating

    Type of: convert, salt

    Encyclopedia: Sulfate

  • [Medicine]
    or chiefly Brit sul·phate n
    1 : a salt or ester of sulfuric acid
    2 : a bivalent group or anion SO4 characteristic of sulfuric acid and the sulfates
    or chiefly Brit sulphate vt sul·fat·ed or chiefly Brit sul·phat·ed; sul·fat·ing or chiefly Brit sul·phat·ing : to treat or combine with sulfuric acid or a sulfate


  • The barium sulfate must be a lump-free powder.
  •  and sulfates are known to corrode metals.
  • The use of calcium sulfate requires an greater capital investment.
  • Iron or steel placed in copper sulfate also receives a loose immersion deposit.
  • The use of sulfates and carbon dioxide requires strictly anaerobic conditions.
  • The tricalcium phosphate consituent is converted to phosphoric acid and calcium sulfate.
  • He postulated that the carbon reacts initially with the sulfate to form calcium sulfide.
  • Some manufacturers used a little fumed litharge and basic lead sulfate here also.
  • The reaction of sulfate with aldehydes and ketones has been known for many years.
  • Ordinarily, standard ferrors sulfate loses strength with age, due to air oxidation.
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