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succinic acid meaning

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  • Noun: succinic acid  suk'sinik 'asid
    1. A dicarboxylic acid (C4H6O4) active in metabolic processes

    Derived forms: succinic acids

    Type of: carboxylic acid

    Encyclopedia: Succinic acid

  • [Medicine]
    A water-soluble,colorless crystal with an acid taste that is used as a chemical intermediate,in medicine,the manufacture of lacquers,and to make perfume esters. It is also used in foods as a sequestrant,buffer,and a neutralizing agent. (Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary,12th ed,p1099; McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms,4th ed,p1851) n : a crystalline dicarboxylic acid C4H6O4 that is found widely in nature, that is formed in the Krebs cycle and in various fermentation processes, and that is used chiefly as an intermediate in synthesis (as of pharmaceuticals and synthetic resins)


  • These include succinic acid and glutaric acids.
  • This enzyme catalyzes the oxidation of succinic acid.
  • Research advance in octenyl succinic acid modified starch
  • Green chemistry in laboratory teaching-electrochemical synthesis of succinic acid
  • Study on electrochemical synthesis of succinic acid electrolysis process with membrane method
  • succinic acid ( butanedioic acid ) a dicarboxylic acid formed by fermentation of sugars
  • Screening and identification of a strain of actinobacillus succinogenes producing succinic acid by anaerobic fermentation
  • Diisopropyl succinate was synthesized from succinic acid and isopropanol with p-methyl benzenesulfonic acid as catalyst
  • Other routes are from butadiene, allyl acetate and succinic acid.
  • Succinic acid also converts to diesters such are also referred to as succinates.
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