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succinctness meaning

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  • On the beauty of succinctness in product design
  • Because of the succinctness of the output, it can be used in the mobiles, too
  • 5 . afis we realized, will popularize rapidly for its interface succinctness and easy operation in software designed
  • The design issimple but delicate and has both the charm of reservation as chinese traditional painting has and the beauty of succinctness of modernism
  • Note the succinctness of the shorthand compared to the normal text.
  • The confusion far outweighs any beauty and succinctness of the name.
  • Her focus upon succinctness and discipline is epitomized in her focus on haikus.
  • Spano suggests succinctness : " Two words are better than 20 ."
  • This couplet's beauty is in its succinctness and multiple layers of meaning.
  • Through the internet, electronic mail and faxes, we strive for succinctness and directness.
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