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strawberry tongue meaning

"strawberry tongue" in a sentence
  • [Medicine]
    n : a tongue that is red from swollen congested papillae and that occurs esp. in scarlet fever and Kawasaki disease
  • Mentally, I ran down what I was seeing : red eyes, red hands, a strawberry tongue, a peeling rash.
  • Soleil had all the symptoms : rash, high fever, swollen nodes in her neck, cracked lips, red hands and feet, the so-called strawberry tongue and what the nurses referred to as " irritability " but which my husband and I privately labeled Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.
  • Strawberry tongue ( seen in certain bacterial infections ) is a sign, since it is a term which refers primarily to a diagnostic appearance, while Coccus ( a round bacterium ) is not, even though identification of cocci under the microscope is diagnostically useful, because the term refers primarily to a physical entity not to an appearance or observation per se.
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