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straight shooter meaning

Synonyms of "straight shooter""straight shooter" in a sentence
  • Noun: straight shooter  streyt 'shootu(r)
    1. A frank and honest person
      - square shooter, straight arrow [N. Amer]

    Derived forms: straight shooters

    Type of: good person

  • [American slang]
    Fig. an honest person.
      I trust Mike; he's a straight shooter.
      We need a straight shooter in office who will work for the people rather than some lobbyists.
  • On screen, john wayne was a blunt talker and straight shooter
  • And can he revel in being a straight shooter when he has just shot his two closest advisers
  • "He's very candid, a straight shooter.
  • He has a reputation for being honest, a straight shooter.
  • By all accounts, Buhlig is conscientious and a straight shooter.
  • Money magazine called her " the Straight Shooter ."
  • I'm a straight shooter and that's the truth.
  • "He's known as a straight shooter.
  • Caminiti, a straight shooter, did not dispute this.
  • She's very much a straight shooter ."
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