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sti meaning

"sti" in a sentence
  • abbrev
      Sexually transmitted infection
  • Pollination is the mechanical transfer of pollen from the anthers to the sti gmas.
  • Chp symposium-updates on tb, sti and hiv
  • You don't sti i l do that car key trick, do you
  • B : yes, of course . do you sti \ * want some milk
  • Why don't you calm down . ? they're sti i l kids
  • Why don't you calm down . . . ? they're sti i l kids
  • If she finds out, wi i l she sti i l be in love with you
  • And sti is authenticated as software production
  • Legco special fc meeting : sti s speech
  • sti i l no idea what you got yourself into
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