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stay down meaning

"stay down" in a sentence

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  • 1. stay down if food that you have eaten stays down, you are able to eat it and it stays in your stomach instead of coming back up and making you sick:
    I've only been giving her liquids - nothing else will stay down.
    2. stay downstay down sth BrE if a child stays down at school, he or she has to repeat a year at school, instead of moving up to the next class:
    Matt's teacher said that if he didn't improve he might have to stay down next year.
    stay down a class/year
    Research has shown that many youngsters with behavioural problems have stayed down a class at least once.

  • [American slang]
    to remain in a prone, squatting, or sitting position.
      Stay down until the danger is over.
      Stay down so they won't see you.


  • She is so ill that nothing will stay down, not even water.
  • There are times when one's vitality is too high to be clouded, too elastic to stay down.
  • I think i'll stay down here and watch the sun set
  • The switch on the kettle won't stay down
  • Sit down and stay down . i'll kill you if i have to
  • Stay-- stay down . don't make eye contact
  • stay down there . stay down . stay down, man . stay there
  • Stay down there . stay down . stay down, man . stay there
  • Stay down there . stay down . stay down, man . stay there
  • Stay-stay down . don't make eye contact
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