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spit and polish meaning

"spit and polish" in a sentence

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  • Noun: spit and polish
    1. Careful attention to order and appearance (as in the military)

    Type of: order, orderliness

  • [American slang]
    orderliness; ceremonial precision and orderliness.
      I like spit and polish. It comes from being in the military.
      There is no such thing as too much spit and polish.


  • My wife is using a lot of spit and polish on the house ready for her mother's visit at weekend
  • Its digital spit and polish knock me out of my seat.
  • SIMON J . TURNER : Spit and Polish, With Humor
  • Both games could use a little spit and polish.
  • On the job, Thompson was spit and polish.
  • The Corps was noted for its esprit de corps and spit and polish.
  • But he was not all spit and polish.
  • From its outset, TRUST gained a reputation as a spit and polish command.
  • Life in Patton's Third Army was " lots of spit and polish.
  • But does all this spit and polish mean that downtown theater has lost its edge?
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