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spindling meaning

"spindling" in a sentence
  • Adjective: spindling  spindling
    1. Long and slender, or disproportionately tall and slender; as, a spindling tree; a spindling boy

    Encyclopedia: Spindling

  • Over-crowding causes spindling and loss of a sturdy, well-branched bushy plant.
  • Histologically, epithelioid sarcoma forms nodules with central necrosis surrounded by bland, polygonal cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm and peripheral spindling.
  • Silk, muslin and blanket manufacturing is common in Dindigul and after Coimbatore, the city has the second largest textile spindling capacity in the State.
  • Spindling accumulates paperwork in a way that would not permit it to be blown about by the summer breeze common prior to the advent of air conditioning.
  • After the TV version of folding, mutilating and spindling, CBS finally put " Northern Exposure " out of its misery Wednesday, canceling the series when the network announced its fall schedule.
  • Back when Darrell Royal and Switzer stared daggers at each other from opposite sides of the Cotton Bowl, the Sooners and some of their supporters were not above bending, spindling, folding and mutilating the NCAA rules manual.
  • A prohibition against " spindling " a document comprised the middle of three barred practices in the famous post World War II injunction printed on punched card documents to be processed by computer : " Do not fold, spindle, or mutilate ".
  • Anyway, that's why we live in dread, afraid to tumble-dry when the label says " drip-dry only " and never, ever folding, mutilating or spindling, or doing anything else exciting except maybe crossing a street just as the " Don't Walk " signal starts flashing.
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