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speed up meaning

Synonyms of "speed up""speed up" in a sentence
  • speed upspeed up sthspeed sth up to move, work, or happen more quickly, or make something do this:
    You'd better speed up Martin, or we'll never get this done.
    Genetic engineering techniques will speed up the development process for many vaccines.
    I'm sorry about the delay. I'll try and speed things up a bit.
    OPPOSITE: slow down

  • [American slang]
    to go faster.
      Please speed up. We are late.
  • We will be able to speed up that day.
  • It will speed up delivery if you complete the official order-form.
  • You have to speed up decisions about how to spend some of that cash.
  • We must supervise and speed up the fulfilment of assigned tasks.
  • Embryo transfers speed up the process of building a high-quality herd.
  • The addition of water to soils will speed up nearly all modes of pesticide dissipation.
  • If you want to make it speed up or slow down you have to add or subtract just enough energy.
  • Hence we may have to search for a suitable catalyst, to speed up attainment of equilibrium.
  • One of the many changes we made was to speed up the way our parts and supplies reached the assembly plants.
  • The next development in arithmetic was the invention of mechanical devices and machines to speed up the execution of arithmetic processes.
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