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softback meaning

Synonyms of "softback""softback" in a sentence
  • DiVX is the softback to the hardback of DVD.
  • The run was limited again to 150 softback sets.
  • Washington Square Press, $ 14 ( softback)
  • A softback version of the compilation followed in September 2008 and is available to retail distribution.
  • The original publications were in an unusual format ( 15 cm x 7 cm softback pictorial ).
  • A less expensive binding method is that used for paperback books ( sometimes called softback or softcover ).
  • The bat handle of the bookmark is easily lost and softbacks with entirely intact bookmarks command a price premium.
  • He introduced a new typeface and new designs for the front covers of both the softback and hardback editions.
  • This was printed on yellow paper with the same design as the softback, giving a uniformity of appearance to both formats.
  • Most of the books were softback, sold for 25 to 50 cents, and were only available through the National Tribune.
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