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snack counter meaning

Synonyms of "snack counter""snack counter" in a sentence
  • Noun: snack counter
    1. Usually inexpensive bar
      - snack bar, buffet

    Derived forms: snack counters

    Type of: bar

  • There is a snack counter, bar and souvenir shop.
  • Its appropriately named Crush Bar, for instance, will be complemented by new bars and snack counters.
  • To the rear, the cafe car's only occupant was the Amtrak employee working the snack counter.
  • The lobby has a Federal Express drop-off box and a small snack counter tucked into one corner.
  • For Samet, Bites represent a major step toward competing with industry giants such as Hershey and Mars for space at snack counters.
  • Convenience stores still keep them hot and rolling on the snack counter, and I guess the movie theaters account for high sales.
  • Then, at the theater, Estha is molested by the " Orangedrink Lemondrink Man, " a vendor working the snack counter.
  • For the first time, the company has also placed soft drink vending machines in theater hallways to cut down on trips to the snack counter.
  • Modest snack counters became coffee shops, then full-blown restaurants, followed by gourmet menus, and places to meet socially for lunch or dinner.
  • Without a proper home, Mike sneaks into the store at night to sleep in the storage room and live off the snack counter left-overs.
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