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shoptalk meaning

"shoptalk" in a sentence
  • n. [u]

    1 the professional jargon that is only understood by people in the same profession: Their shoptalk sounds like mumbo-jumbo to me.Even hearing about the weather would be more interesting than all this shoptalk.

    2 a conversation between workers in the same factory or office about their jobs

    NOTE verb = talk shop at shop n. (6)
  • Every field has its own specialized shoptalk
  • I like to stay away from shoptalk, talk about the church,
  • Only they weren't swapping shoptalk about video shoots and chart position.
  • And Prof Talk _ unlike precise shoptalk _ is as slovenly as it gets.
  • Every profession has its own shoptalk _ meant as much to inform insiders as to exclude outsiders.
  • A happy chaos of shoptalk, acceptance of bad spelling and in-group acronyms flourishes there.
  • Even if that excites you as shoptalk, the movie still doesn't speak your language.
  • Rule No . 1 : There shall be no discussions about family matters at the office and no shoptalk at family gatherings.
  • Illustrations and features enliven the pages between pastoral shoptalk ranging from " Preaching on Controversial Issues " to " Psychiatry Needs Religion ".
  • Like any specialized jargon, the shoptalk used by residents not only conveys facts but provides a running commentary on the absurdities of hospital life.
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