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shagreen meaning

"shagreen" in a sentence
  • Noun: shagreen  sha'green
    1. The skin of various small sharks and other fishes when having small, rough, bony scales 
    2. A kind of untanned leather covered with small round granulations; this characteristic surface is produced by pressing small seeds into the grain or hair side when moist, and afterward, when dry, scraping off the roughness left between them, and then, by soaking, causing the portions of the skin which had been compressed or indented by the seeds to swell up into relief

    Derived forms: shagreens

    Encyclopedia: Shagreen

  • He takes out a little shagreen case.
  • We have parted with the colt, and have only got a gross of green spectacles, with copper rims and shagreen cases.
  • Caderousse took from his pocket a small case of black shagreen, opened, and gave it to the jeweller
  • We have people who are mixing shagreen and parchment with everything.
  • The skin of the dorsum is finely shagreen with small pustules.
  • Frank let the wood or shagreen or cracked eggshell be the decoration.
  • Three items made of shagreen can be found in the Topkapi collection.
  • Snout is truncate and dorsal skin is shagreen with spinules.
  • The dorsal surface of the skin is a rough shagreen.
  • The elderly shopkeeper leads him to a piece of shagreen hanging on the wall.
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