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sensuous meaning

[ 'sensjuəs ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "sensuous""sensuous" in a sentence
  • That is the sensuous plane.
  • There is no need to digress further on the sensuous plane.
  • In the droop of her lip there was something sensuous.
  • Don't get the idea that value of music is commensurate with its sensuous appeal.
  • Friendship may indeed come to exist without sensuous liking or comradeship to pave the way.
  • She was turkish, in her middle twenties, with an attractive face and a lithe, sensuous body, rich with promise.
  • Worrying about the sensuous expension of the current youths
  • He could see that i have a sensuous mouth
  • A devotee to sensuous and luxurious living; an epicure
  • Human happiness is sensuous
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